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This Ministry formulates, directs and coordinates the overall national policies on minerals and energy. It formulates short and long term strategies for implementing the approved national policies and programmes on minerals and energy. It provides effective national leadership and liaises with other related sectors within government and other parastatal, private and international agencies working in the field of minerals and energy.

Service Title Details
Mining License Application Read more
Prospecting Licence Read more
Licence to purchase, acquire and possess explosives Read more
Restricted Blasting Licence Read more
Blasting Licence Read more
Borehole Cleaning and Fishing Read more
Kimberly Process Certificate Read more
Borehole Cleaning and Advisory Services Read more
Borehole Information Provision Read more
Borehole Registration Read more
Laboratory Services (Chemical Analysis) Read more
Laboratory Services (Rock, soil and mineral preparation and testing services) Read more
Mineral Samples Export Permits Read more
Geophysical data requests Read more
Geoscientific Information Services Read more
Prospecting Licensing Read more
Prospecting Waiver Read more
Authorisation to Export Explosives Read more
Permit to Carry Explosives in Bulk Read more
Permit to Import and Possess Explosives Read more
Approval of the qualification and experience of a person to be appointed as manager in terms of regu Read more
Authorization for box storage Read more
Magazine Licence Read more